Self Adhesive Vinyl


Self adhesive vinyl (SAV) is an extremely versatile print medium with a host of applications in numerous industries. As the staple substrate of digital printing, SAV is essentially an adhesive backed PVC film available in a matt or gloss finish. Essentially, SAV is one huge printable sticker. SAV will stick to any smooth surface, be it a window, car, fridge, mdf panel, kitchen counter, boat hull, steel sheet or a tiled bathroom wall. If you can imagine it and supply the artwork file, we can print it.

Technically, SAV is UV stabilised and guaranteed up to 3 years in outdoor conditions and 5 years indoor. For extra protection against scuffing and UV, we can add a layer of laminate over your print giving you a further 3 years outdoor and 5 years indoor. We can print up to a maximum of 2.6 m wide by up to 50 m long without seams.


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