Dye Sub Printed Fabric


Fabric printing has revolutionised the advertising, marketing and display industry. As a print medium, fabric is virtually magical in its’ wealth of applications and versatility. From massive wall span interchangeable advertising billboards of up to 50 m to printed scatter cushions, dye sublimated fabric printing can be adapted to most modern branding and display products and solutions.

Modern fabric printing produces pixel perfect image accuracy, excellent colour accuracy and an unmatched print boldness that literally jumps out at you. Fabrics can be finished much the same way as traditional textiles, with the ability to stitch it into complex shapes. One can also add fasteners, webbing, velcro and zips.

Print fabrics are manufactured from fire retardent materials, making them ideal for commercial and public use. Printed fabric is also extremely light, which makes your display kit even easier to transport, setup and store.


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