Digital Printing What

Digital Printin What


Wide format digital printing is a process of direct printing onto a variety of media, up to roll widths of 3.0 m. This printing process is extremely flexible as machine setup times are short in comparison to industrial printing processes such as litho printing. Applications ranging from stickers to billboards are typically printed on wide format printers.

We utilise the latest latex print technology which has many advantages over older, solvent technology. Our prints are immediately ready to use as soon as they come off the printer, colours are richer and resolution more accurate than ever before. Latex ink, being water based is environmentally safe and also safer for the operator as there are no noxious vapours emitted.

We print up to resolutions of 1200 dpi meaning crisp prints and dead accurate colours suitable for extreme close up viewing. With light cyan and light magenta inks in addition to the standard 4 process colour system, skin tones and pastel colours are more accurate than ever before. All our inks are UV stabilised, suitable for 3 years outdoor use and 5 years indoor use before any colour fade occurs.


Digital printing offers a huge choice of substrates that can be used in a multitude of applications. Some substrates that we regularly print on include:

Self Adhesive Vinyl – typical applications include; signage, stickers, decals, vehicle branding and wraps, window branding, wall art, wall tattoos and display panels. Self adhesive vinyl (SAV) is guaranteed for 3 years outdoor use and 5 years indoor use with latex inks. SAV is available in a matt or gloss finish, and can be die cut and laminated (extra UV protection).

Fabric – very popular for a variety of applications including; fabric frames, exhibition system skins, table cloths, clothing, flags, umbrellas, upholstery, cushion covers and a multitude more. Fabric printing, either direct or through a heat transfer process known as dye sublimation produces prints of stunning quality and boldness. Modern print textiles are much lighter than traditional PVC based substrates and much safer with regards to fire retardation and chemical toxicity. Fabric printing is ideal for indoor applications and limited outdoor use, use colour fastness is not as long as traditional substrates with maximum guarantees of 6 months for outdoor applications.

PVC – typical applications include; banners, billboards, large span signage, event table cloths, promo kiosk wraps, pull up banners and tension banners. PVC is a long life substrate, typically outlasting the ink. Minimum 3 year outdoor and 5 year indoor UV stabilised. PVC can be joined, stitched and eyeleted, but cannot be die cut.

Wallpaper – largely used indoors, wallpaper is predominantly used for commercial and residential furnishing. It is a wonderful complementary wall finish for interior design applications. Modern printable wallpapers give you the freedom to print any graphic or image of your choice, making your wall finish unique. We supply both standard application and self adhesive wall papers. Substrate and inks are guaranteed for 5 years indoor use. Wallpaper cannot be die cut.

Contravision – this variant of self adhesive vinyl is perforated, with an adhesive side and a printable side. Contravision is typically used in applications where clear visibility is required through one side of the print, and full colour printing on the other side. Typical applications would include vehicle windscreens and shop windows. Contravision carries a 3 year outdoor guarantee.

Paper – a variety of papers are printable on our latex machine including 80 gram bond paper, 200 gram poster paper and photo paper. Making large format posters and photos ideal to print in small to medium runs. At 1200 dpi, photo quality printing in  a large format is now possible.


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