Decor Applications


Wallpaper used to be a product that was restricted to prescribed designs and patterns. No longer. We can fully customise your wallpaper with any image or artwork supplied by you or created by us. And you’re not forced to do huge runs either. We can print a single panel, if that is all you need. The base substrate is the same quality as commercial wallpaper, the only difference is that we can print on it, in full colour! Better than that, if you are averse to wallpaper glue, self adhesive wallpaper is also available, yes, peel and stick.

Printed wallpaper is a fantastic way to enhance an interior, create a feature wall or simply have some fun indoors.


Die cut decals are a wonderful way to spice up an interior wall. If you are decorating a nursery, you can transform your walls with height charts, zoo animals, birds, motivational text or music notes. For a slightly less frivolous environment like a lounge, an endless forest would create a unique atmosphere which would be difficult to achieve with paint. Wall art is being used increasingly as a decor technique that is simple to install and easy on the pocket. Any vector based image can be cut and prepared for you to easily install yourself. It’s as easy as sticking a sticker to the wall. If you prefer us to install for you, we can gladly assist.


Are you are the type of person that easily gets bored? Do you find yourself moving furniture around and repainting on a regular basis? Your life has just become a whole lot easier. Our interchangeable wall art system allows you to completely transform a feature wall in your home or office without the mess, hassle and expense of repainting or re-wallpapering. Interchangeable wall art is fabric print based. Once you have the aluminium frame installed (which is almost invisible except for a 1 mm border), you can replace the fabric print to your hearts content. There is no limit to colours and designs, and thanks to modern print technology, you can have a floor to ceiling print 50 m long without a seam.

Developed for commercial applications as interchangeable indoor billboards, these systems are finding their way more and more into home and office interiors as a decor enhancement.



Artists canvas is another printable medium we offer. If you’ve always wanted a Rembrandt, you can have one now without having to mortgage your neighbourhood. Printed colours on canvas are as detailed and bold as the real thing. Family portraits translate amazingly with fine detail and bold colours. Our canvas stretching service ensures you have a complete product to proudly hang on your home or office wall.


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